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The Full Brew

Our Coffee

Coffee & Stone Cafe offers our very own house blended coffee beans for a smooth, rich taste. Along with our house blend, we offer many other choices such as an African Blend, Columbian Blend and Caribean Bayou.

Our coffees can be enjoyed hot or iced.

We will be working on opening an online store for you to purchase our coffee blends incase you can make it to our restaurant or if you'd like to send some as a gift to anyone across the country.

Man Filling up Coffee Beans

House Blend

We have created the perfect bean blend that can't be duplicated elsewhere. Using African, Columbian and Jamaican Beans, we were able to offer what we believe is the best tasting coffee. 

African Bean Coffee

Our African Bean Coffee is a dark roast, bold flavor. Excellent choice for those who enjoy a strong cup of coffee.

Coffee Beans
Coffee Maker

Caribean Bayou

Our Carabean Bayou coffee blend hits medium to smooth notes with a deep rich color. Perfect for that afternoon out on your patio brew.

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